Our Breakfast

Farm to Fork


Eggs: Our Farm Fresh Eggs come from the backyard where we have our Happy Chickens. Our chickens eat grass, fresh fruit and veggie snacks, and the best quality plant based protein feed. During their free range time, they seek out juicy worms, and crunchy bugs.

Blackberries: These are picked fresh from the mountain in August, we then freeze then to insure we have enough local fruit to last all year long. These are native heirloom blackberries, nothing is added, sprayed zero interaction. Mother Nature grows them, we pick them PERIOD.

Maple Syrup: Lisa's parent live in Vermont, we use their connection to get family owned sugarshack made maple syrup each year. Yum!

Coffee: In 2012 we discovered a great coffee roaster. Larry's Beans please visit their website, the place speaks for it's self!